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Diary Dates   


2nd - Transition Week

5th - BBQ & Summer Fair

10/11th - Parent Drop in

17/18th - Y6 Production 2.00pm & 6.00pm

19th - Reception Class Trip

19th - Deer Shed KS2

20th - Leavers Assembly 1.00pm

School Closes 2.00pm



3rd - Staff Training Day

4th - School Opens







We are all different.

We learn in different ways.

We all look different.

We all have different strengths.

Being different makes us unique.

Being unique makes us special.

Celebrate your special gifts and talents! 


Famous people with dyslexia…

Robbie Williams (singer)

Noel Gallagher (singer)

Muhammad Ali (boxer)

Tom Cruise (actor)

Anthea Turner (TV presenter)

Guy Ritchie (actor/director/once married to Madonna)

Richard Branson (entrepreneur)

Sir Steve Redgrave (five time Olympic gold medallist rower)

Albert Einstein (famous scientist)

Princess Beatrice (Royal)

Did you know…

People with dyslexia often have rare talents.

They can have great ideas and be able to solve problems in new ways by being very creative. This is called 'lateral thinking'. 


Famous people with diabetes…

Halle Berry (actress)

Nick Jonas (singer)

Gary Hall (Olympic swimmer)

Vanessa Williams (actress)

George Lucas (creator of  Star Wars)

Bill and John Davidson (big bosses at Harley Davidson Motorcycles)

Johnny Cash (musician)

Elvis Presley (singer and actor)

Thomas Edison (inventor of the light bulb)

HG Wells (author)

Did you know…

Diabetes is a growing concern in today's sugar-filled world and more people than ever are contracting the lifelong ailment.  However, diabetes doesn't have to stop you from living an active and fun life. 


Famous people with colour blindness…

 Bill Clinton (American politician)

Paul Newman (actor, film director and founder of food company)

Jack Nicklaus (golfer)

Bing Crosby (American singer and actor)

Keanu Reeves (actor)

Prince William (Royal)

Did you know…

Colour blindness doesn't mean you can't see any colour at all, like a black and white film. It means that you have trouble seeing the difference between certain colours.  It's not a serious problem.