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Diary Dates   


2nd - Transition Week

5th - BBQ & Summer Fair

10/11th - Parent Drop in

17/18th - Y6 Production 2.00pm & 6.00pm

19th - Reception Class Trip

19th - Deer Shed KS2

20th - Leavers Assembly 1.00pm

School Closes 2.00pm



3rd - Staff Training Day

4th - School Opens









Governors serving on Local Governing Body's are accountable to the Trustees (which in turn is accountable to the Department for Education), as well as to the communities they serve. Whilst not trustees under charity law, nevertheless, the governors are under a duty to act in good faith and in the best interests of their school, Elevate and their Academies.


This duty includes a responsibility to do the following:

* To ensure their Academy complies with its legal obligations;

* to fulfil the charitable Object of Elevate;

* to set targets, monitor pupil progress and attainment, and to challenge the Head teacher and Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to achieve the objectives of their Academy;

* to act with integrity and to avoid any personal conflicts of interest and not to misuse any charitable funds or assets of their Academy or Elevate;

* to act prudently in the financial management of their Academy, avoiding putting any assets, funds or reputation of their Academy or the Trustees at undue risk.


                 Personal profiles of the Shadow Governing Body can be found here.


Post opening the local governors will be appointed as follows:

1 Head teacher/EHT – ex offico appointment.

1 staff governor – elected during the first term of the school opening.

2 parent governors – 1 parent elected during the first term of the school opening.

4 co opted governors – appointed from the local community with the relevant skills set.


One parent governor will be elected during the first term after the school opens, and a further parent governor in the following academic year. Parent governors will be elected by parents registered at the school. Parents who represent different groups within the community will be encouraged to put themselves forward for election. Members will seek to appoint parent governors with skills to fill gaps in the skills profile of the governing body.


When appointing governors, Elevate will seek to fill these posts with people who live in the local area where possible whilst having regard for the balance of skills and experience that the LGB needs to fulfil its functions.


This will include the following skills/experience:

· Financial expertise and commercial experience;

· Education: experience of primary education; understanding of current education policy, the Ofsted

framework and school performance indicators;

· Ability to analyse school data, ask questions and hold to account;

· Legal expertise;

· Community engagement/community cohesion;

· School governance;

· Premises management;

· Strategic planning;

· Human resources management, including performance appraisal;

· Marketing.


If you wish to express interest in becoming a Governor for Keeble Gateway Academy, please contact